How To Fix Broken Acrylic Dentures

Dr Florian Mack

Dr Florian Mack Talks About What’s Involved To Fix Broken Acrylic Dentures

Dentures break for a number of reasons such as accidents – sports injuries or falls – or changes in a person’s bite or gum health. There is nothing so cringe worthy as the sound of a breaking denture. You want it fixed quickly and you want it to last a long time. This is where Your Dental Specialist can help.

First Things First

First we determine why the denture fractured and if a relining is required. Has an incorrect bite caused the fracture? Are there changes to the gum/gingiva?

Our bodies are constantly changing and so too are our gums. Hospitalization or severe diseases can actually change the gum tissue within weeks. This is why dentures have to be refitted from time to time. In extreme cases the ill fitting denture can lead to jaw joint problems. We go beyond just replacing the denture to ensure the cause of the break has been identified and if possible, corrected so that it doesn’t happen again.

Easy Fix or Complex Fix

Breaks can be an easy fix or a complex fix. Easy means the pieces can be put together easily, no in-mouth-impression is required. Complex fix means pieces need to be fitted and stabilized in the mouth. First we stabilize the denture in the mouth with special dental wax, cold curing resin, or impression compound (‘green stick’). Then we take an impression and collect the fractured pieces.

Repairs to Broken Dentures

Your denture is then sent to the lab; usually it’s a same day repair for acrylic dentures. It takes 6 hrs minimum for any denture repair.

A master model is created from the impression using a plaster mould. The lab will fix the denture with the same acrylic the denture is made of or will set the teeth back that have broken off the denture.

So if you have broken a denture, collect the broken pieces and take them to Your Dental Specialist.

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