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Articles written by Dr Michael Darveniza

Publications from the Australian Dental Journal from 1981 – 2001

Publications 1981 – 1983.

Immediate Bridgeword
Published August 1981
Download PDF One-piece casting for fixed bridgework
Published February 1982
Download PDF Electrochemical etching on full crowns
Published October 1983
Download PDF luting of vented and etched crowns
Published August 1983

Publications 1984 – 1986.
Download PDF indirect index for soldering bridges
Published April 1984
Download PDF Intrapost-core design for supragingival crown margin placement
Published December 1984
Jaw exerciser for fibrous ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint
Published December 1985
Download Amalgam restoration of posterior proximal cavities with deep and concave gingival outlines
Published June 1986

Publications 1987 – 1994.
Download PDF Cavity design for Class IV composite resin restorations
Published May 1987
The effects of surface roughness and surface area on the retention of crowns luted with zinc phosphate cement
Published March 1987
Cement spacing for the one-step post-core and crown.
Published October 1989
Occlusal reconstruction with implant crown pair prostheses
Published September 1995

Publications 2001 –
Full occlusal protection – theory and practice of occlusal therapy
Published February 2001