German Radio Interview – Risks With Dental Treatment Outside Australia

Dr Florian Mack Speaks About The Risks With Dental Treatment Outside Australia.

Today with Wolfgang Kreuzer, from 4EB FM on 98.1, German Radio in Brisbane, we discussed the risks of dental treatment performed overseas. There are lots of risks getting dental treatment outside Australia because in most cases Australian dental Standards are not met. After 3 years of patients having dentures, I’ve been asked if their dentures can be repaired. This is challenging because I ...

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German Radio Interview Introducing Dr Florian Mack

Wolfgang Kreuzer, from 4EB FM on 98.1 speaks with Dr Florian Mack on Prosthodontics and more…

Today with Wolfgang Kreuzer, from 4EB FM on 98.1, German Radio in Brisbane, we discussed areas of dentistry including what is a Prosthodontist, my CV, how I got into dentistry and how I got to Australia. Also we discussed TMD, headaches caused by bruxing and grinding.

In diesem Interview wird erläutert, was das Aufgabenfeld eines Spezialisten für Prothetik ist, ...

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Implant-Supported Dentures Made Outside Australia

Dr Florian MackWhat you need to know if you are considering implant-supported dentures made outside Australia.

Quite often people are faced with the temptation to take a cheaper option and have dental treatment performed overseas, instead of finding a specialist in the dental profession locally, within Australia. However, the price doesn’t give you the whole story, there can be problems in maintaining those dentures.

The ...

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Dr. Mack is working hard this week announcing his Commencement of Practice

The card below will be sent out to general dentists and specialists advising of his commencement and special fields of interest –

Dr. Mack’s Commencement of Practice Card


Florian Blog 3

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