Telescopic Dentures Guru – Dr Florian Mack

The Best Alternative to Implant Dentures

Invented in Germany by Professor Koerber in 1968 as a German precision partial denture (without clips). Dr Florian Mack offers this alternative to all patients in his practice in Brisbane and the Gold Coast as a real alternative to implant dentures All-on-4.

How are Telescopic Dentures Fitted

The classic Telescopic Denture is fitted on a few remaining teeth and usually only between 2-6 teeth are required. Telescopic Dentures require telescopic crowns over the remaining teeth.

The remaining teeth are prepared with a drill so that a ‘cone’ crown can be fitted over the tooth. This crown is in the shape of a cone with a 5° taper, and not the normal bell shape of a natural tooth. This cone crown is technically called a primary crown and it is permanently cemented over the prepared tooth.

What are telescopic dentures made of?

The cone crown is made from a variety of materials including cast stainless steel, gold, and zirconia. A secondary crown made of the same material is designed to frictionally fit intimately over the cone crown, and is incorporated into the telescopic denture. In actual fact the amount of retentive force required to unseat the Telescopic Denture is about 2kg.

Advantages of telescopic dentures

1. Telescopic dentures are about half the cost of All-on-4. 

2. If a sufficient number of secondary crowns are incorporated into the body of the partial denture there is no need to cover the palate (roof of the mouth).

3. This fixed but removable Telescopic Denture allows for ease of cleaning and simplicity of denture repair if required.

Telescopic Dentures classically fit to cone crowns on natural teeth but can also fit to abutments on implant fixtures – similar to Syncone All-on-4 Implant Dentures

If you would like to know if you are eligible for Telescopic Dentures please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will arrange a consultation at your convenience.