Crowns for Teeth

A natural tooth has two sections. The section above the gum is a called a clinical crown and the section the below the gum is called a root.

When a clinical crown becomes damaged or discoloured a new casing can be made to fit over the remaining tooth – This is called a Crown.

A crown is usually made of Zirconia and Porcelain. The structural base is Zirconia and the front is Porcelain baked to the Zirconia.

To do a crown requires a dental injection, followed by drilling, an impression, and a temporary crown is made from plastic and glued on with a soft temporary glue.

The impression is given to a Ceramist in Brisbane and a crown is fabricated in about two weeks.

The crown is then cemented at the final appointment.

All of our Crowns are custom made right here in Brisbane, Australia by experienced dental Ceramists (Technicians)

Showcase of recent patient Crown cases – Before & After
Temporary Crown top right central incisor.
Tooth prepared with dental drill – note brown discoloured tooth.
Plaster model of the prepared tooth shows a ledge, which is just below the gum line, for the future crown to fit onto and the tooth has been drilled into the shape of a truncated cone. (Ceramist, Werner Sauer, Brisbane)

After – Immediately after gluing the crown.
After – Smile photo of final crown.

75 year old with cracks with stains, damaged and worn front teeth
Before – 75 year old with cracks with stains, damaged and worn front teeth.
Four upper front natural looking Prettau Zirconia Crowns
After – Four upper front natural looking Prettau Zirconia Crowns.
Smile of new crowns and resin overlays on canines
After – Smile of new crowns and resin overlays on canines.

Short, worn front teeth and missing molars
Before – Short, worn front teeth, and missing molars.
Custom colour layering of porcelain within Prettau Zirconia crowns
Underexposed dark photograph illustrating custom colour layering of porcelain within Prettau Zirconia crowns. (Ceramist, Werner Sauer, Brisbane)
Natural looking Prettau Zirconia Crowns, bridges and resin overlays
After – Finished full mouth of natural looking Prettau Zirconia crowns, bridges and resin overlays on lower front teeth.

Before - Broken molar
Before – Broken Last molar tooth with an amalgam filling.
Prettau Zirconia crown model
Prettau Zirconia Crown last molar tooth on laboratory model. (Ceramist, Paul Buchanan, Brisbane)
After - natural molar
After – Natural looking molar Prettau Zirconia Crown.

If you would like to know if you are eligible for Dental Crowns please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will arrange a consultation at your convenience.

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