Trouble Shooting Broken Dentures and Dental Implants

Dr Florian Mack is the go-to guru when it comes to troubleshooting broken dentures and broken implants. 

Getting a dental implant with implant fixtures on dental crowns, dental bridges or implant dentures is in most cases an expensive procedure. Planning implants and pre-diagnostics are essential for a long-term success. If the protocol is not followed, patients might end up with failures such as:

  1. Fractured, broken or loose implant body or fixture (the part that is placed in your jaw bone)
  2. Fractured, broken or loose implant abutment (connection between the implant and your crown or denture)
  3. Fractured, broken or loose implant screw (which holds the crown or denture onto the implant)
  4. Fractured, broken or loose attachment (e.g. bar connection, that holds the denture in place)
  5. Fractured, broken or loose denture or prosthesis sitting on your implants
  6. Fractured, broken or loose fixed crown or bridge
Broken Dentures and Broken Dental Implants
Broken Implant
Broken Denture Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions Broken Dentures and Dental Implants

What should I do if my implant or implant denture is broken?

If you experience dental implant problems you should see a dental specialist. The specialist will assess the problem by removing the dental crown, dental bridge or implant denture to check dental abutments and dental implants. Broken screws will be removed and replaced. This is part of the emergency dental care provided by Dr Florian Mack.

Why can my denture or implant break, fracture or get loose?

In most cases the fracture is a result of forces on your denture and implants. Forces are generated by ill-fitting dentures at insert or at a later stage when regular recalls are not done.

If your bite (occlusion) is not fitting or correctly adjusted on a regularly basis (like a car service) chewing forces can damage your denture, crown or bridge, implant parts or denture, too. The bite or occlusion must be balanced left to right. This is called a ‘protective hinge bite’.

Patients with an untreated habit of grinding, bruxing or clenching can damage implants and/or dentures too. During your consultation you will be given all the treatment options best suited to you.

How long will it take to repair the denture or implant?
First of all the damage will be assessed in the dental chair, so a dental appointment is required. In some cases we offer a same day repair if the denture or parts of the denture is broken.

If the implant or implant parts are involved, the repair might involve a few appointments. Repair and costs involved will be discussed at your consultation appointment.

What if my implants were placed overseas and my local dentist doesn’t have the right implant tools? (eg implant screw driver)

Currently there are more than 1400 implant systems in use world-wide. The challenge is to identify the implant system that’s been used for you. If you have an invoice or other documents that might help us identifying the implant system please bring all documents to your dental appointment. If the documents are not available we will take an x-ray and other methods to identify your implant system.

The implant on the x-ray will be compared with samples from a software database involving factors such as type of implant, shape, upper part, middle part, apex and more. At Your Dental Specialist they have implant tools for the most common implant systems so you can be confident they will be able to help you.

Dr Florian Mack – Denture Specialist – Branch locations Brisbane and Gold Coast. If you are having problems with broken dentures or implants Dr Florian Mack would the person to help you. Call or Contact Us and we will arrange a consultation at your convenience.